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I didn't run on Friday while away from home, mostly because it was raining really hard and that combined with being somewhere unfamiliar was enough to put me off.

So I ran late last night instead.  I feel a bit self-conscious running late at night past people's homes when it's generally very quiet, so on the residential street where I live I ran in the road the other side of the parked cars, and then up the main road until I was halfway and then turned around.

This was 12 minutes, alternating minutes of running and walking, and I completed it fine.  I turned around at 6 minutes and was convinced I was going to overshoot home right up until I finished the last minute of running, so I guess my estimation of distances is a bit off at the moment.  I was actually slower than the previous session, but am trying very hard not to care too much about time/pace at the moment, just completing the sessions.

To try to get back on track to 3 times a week, I'm aiming to do Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun this coming week, either early morning if I wake up early enough (and toddler continues current pattern of sleeping in), or evening.  
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