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Where I live (TX, USA) we've been fortunate this year. We've been hammered with enough rain to finally lift us out of the crushing drought that we've been in for the last decade; with that, we've had marginally cooler temperatures. However, it also means that we've been beset with high (for us) humidity. I attempted to run last week, a 2x20minute, as a bridge to the final 5K workout. It wast 85F and 80% humidity. Needless to say, I chose to abort the run and head home about 3/4 of the way through. I could feel the cramping coming on.

So, I was very back-and-forth about what to do. I could try rising very early and running before I go to work; I already get up at 0500 so that would be quite the adjustment. Or, I could try using a treadmill; not a huge fan of those, but it's an option. Fortunately, the rain finally broke and the humidity has receded somewhat. It's still high, but it's been around 50%.

I was hoping to finish big this past Friday, at a local race. However, due to aforementioned rain situation, the course was shortened to 4k. Otherwise, we would have torn up the field from all the mud and rain. So while I jogged the whole course, I did not consider that finishing.

This morning I finished a 5k run with my running buddy Michael. It felt less big than I thought it would, but still; now I really do have to pick a new goal. He suggested faster vs further; his rationale is that faster benefits further, but not necessarily the opposite.

I ended up with a pace that sits around 14:30/mile (9:00/k). It feels incredibly slow sometimes, but I will get faster :-D I'm still undecided what I should do to continue running over our long, miserably hot summer, though.

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Date: 01/06/2015 11:26 am (UTC)
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Yay! You did 5k!

(FWIW, I am averaging about 9:00/km to 09:20/km on my distance runs and 800/km to 8:20/km on my 30 minute runs)

I've found getting faster a nice side-effect of going further, both after c25k, and a few years ago when I did power-walking and discovered that I could actually run 1-2km at a time when I had to (when my bike-riding child went off too fast for me to walk)

The "faster 5k" programme by the same trainer as my beginner half-marathon programme has a mixture of short fast runs, "speedwork" (sets of fast 400m runs with breaks), and much longer slow runs - the longest is 11k / 7 miles.
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